Learning to love the experience of sharing your story can be one of the greatest gifts you can give.

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I should not be here. I am unworthy.

Guttural waves rise. A clamp compresses by throat.

I am an empty vessel. Nothingness.

I glance at my notes. Attention flickers from word to word. No refuge here.

I place them down on the ground, putting both hands on the stage to steady myself as I do.

I look up and see the first few rows of faces. Expectant. Pensive. Unimpressed.

I rise. I am consumed by the burning brightness. I let it fill me. I use it as a shield. Protecting. Sheltering. Holding me in the bright centre, apart from those…

What are KBIs — and why you need them in your team…

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It’s time to talk about behaviour.

Specifically, behaviour that indicates the extent to which a team is living their values.

Why values?

In our work with organisations of all kinds, sizes and stages of life-cycle, the one constant measure that we’ve found uniquely predicts the likelihood of a team reaching and maintaining a high-performance level is the response to a simple question. Does this team live their values?

Why behaviour?

When asked to define examples of team and or organisational culture, most of the time responses include framing along these lines — ‘when this happens’ or ‘they said this’ or ‘we do this because’…

This is the work more leaders need to do to prepare for what lies ahead.

This article is part of an ongoing series sharing the salient moments and reflections that have flowed from my conversations with leaders who are striving to make our world better.

This conversation was from May 2020, with CEO of FutureWomenX, Victoria Foster. It’s about confronting change, and how to prepare yourself to do so.

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Every once in a while you meet someone when you are both at a fork in your respective roads. Quite often there’s a connection, a harmony, an alignment. But most of…

Reflections on a conversation with a domestic abuse surviver.

This is part of an ongoing series reflecting on the saliency of my conversations with leaders who are creating our better world.

This reflection is on a conversation with Alison Fischer, who shares her incredible journey of resilience and perseverance. As a champion for survivors of domestic abuse, inspirational speaker and leadership consultant to entrepreneurs and small business owners Alison’s mission today is to provide support to those that have none. …

Lessons for our Better World from Aboriginal leader, Ben Bowen.

Part of an on-going series sharing keynotes and salient reflections from my conversations with leaders who are making our world better.

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How do we achieve our greatest outcomes?

How do we communicate more effectively to better engage our teams?

How do we connect networks of people to leverage collective endeavours?

How do we create sustainable business models that propagate longterm success?

These are just some of the questions that I discussed with Ben Bowen in the third conversation with Better World Leaders.

“together is how we achieve the bigger outcome”

Lessons from Better World Leader — Simon Glendenning

This is an on-going series sharing insights, highlights and reflections on conversations with leaders who are striving to create our better world.

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In this conversation with Simon Glendenning former Global Executive and entrepreneur who reflects on the twists and turns of his career with one very consistent theme — that as a leader he is there to serve his team and his customers through his principles.

Simon’s leadership journey has taken him around the world in global corporate roles in Financial Services, to Africa on placement to support and learn from community…

Lessons from Better World Leader — Paul Dunn

This is the first in a series of articles, summarising the keynotes from my conversations with leaders who I propose all share a common intention — they are all striving to create our better world.

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“As a leader you need a higher purpose than yourself to keep showing up, thriving and performing at the highest level”

This is one of my favourite extracts from the very first episode of the Better World Leaders podcast, where I was honoured to host Paul Dunn, Chairman of B1G1.

The list of Paul’s accolades goes on…

Building resilience, adaptability and productivity by focusing on the process of learning — not fixating on what you are learning.

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What I like most about this week’s question is that it’s presumptuous.

I’m assuming that you’re always seeking to learn. And I am of course not alone in my belief that a life of leadership is the adoption of a never-ending journey. Helping others in your sphere of influence to activate their own learning journey is absolutely vital for leaders, especially when you consider that;

learning organisations are 30% more likely to be brand leaders,

according to innovation thought-leader Dr…

Lessons learned from going deep into (and coming out the other side) of chronic stress.

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Being in Chronic Stress

Imagine your brain feeling like it’s not your own. When at times even finishing this sentence would feel like a massive effort. Imagine when even the most routine of tasks or a simple exercise like responding to binary questions seems overwhelming. Imagine when even the most innocent of requests from your children and wife are met with a rousing anger and frustration, that often eventuates into an outburst that doesn’t even sound like your own voice saying it. This is my experience of being in chronic stress.

Is stress just bad?

Stress is not always a bad thing. Many stresses are good and have…

Being curious is a great start, but it’s how you extend your curiosity out into the world that counts.

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We believe curiosity is a vital leadership capability.

Being curious can be a trait, yes — one in many ways we can look to our children to show us how to lean into it.

But it is absolutely a capability, one that can be nurtured, explored, developed and expanded.

Curiosity as a capability for leaders to be effective doesn’t stand alone. It needs a high-level of self-awareness, and ideally to be combined with advanced skills of deep, empathetic listening and sophisticated contextual inquiry.

Being a curious leader really is all about asking the right question, and the right time. Knowing…

Tim Collings

Tim writes about purpose, values and progress in relation to leadership, parenting and life, as CEO of 4iLeadership & host of the Better World Leaders podcast.

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